Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cutest Prescription Label Ever!

Yesterday we took Emmett to the pediatrician to check out whether the odd-looking white stuff in his mouth was thrush (it was). We've been giving him medication and we're already seeing a major improvement in symptoms, which is a huge relief. I have to admit that I got a kick out of seeing his name on the prescription label. I've only seen his name on a few official-looking things so far, so this sort of thing is still pretty exciting for me. (I imagine that I'll also get a thrill over seeing his name on his first junk mail.)

Our pediatrician's office allows us the option of using an online patient portal and I finally logged in to it yesterday afternoon. When I saw Adam's and my names listed under "mother" and "father" I momentarily thought, "Hey, someone should correct that!" because I'm still accustomed to thinking of my own parents or Adam's parents as being the logical choices for those titles. You'd think after all of the breastfeeding hours that I've logged, I'd start feeling like an actual parent but things are still a bit in the surreal zombie phase of new parenthood.

On another fun note, Emmett's weight was up from his appointment on Monday and he's actually now an ounce over his birth weight. It definitely makes me feel as though all of those middle-of-the-night feedings have been worth it.

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