Thursday, August 5, 2010

All of us under its spell

A couple of days ago, I put together a playlist of various songs to play for Emmett. Most of these songs were from CDs that I'd bought years ago. Every few songs I'd find myself getting all emotionally overwhelmed, and when "The Rainbow Connection" came on, I literally got choked up. How many times have I listened to that song or watched the Muppet Movie? A LOT. And yet, to hear that song in the presence of my kid--my own kid--was just a whole different experience for me. I get misty just thinking about that moment.


  1. Do you have a copy of Greta's birth cd? I didn't want to listen to it (or anything!) when I was actually in labor, as Chas apparently thought it was made for, but many of the songs still get me choked up and/or bring back that new baby love feeling with nearly every listen. So many things gain whole new meanings when a baby is added to the emotion sensors. I believe that one of nature's purposes for reproduction is to remind us to be more sensitive and compassionate.

  2. I have that one "Baby" CD that you made me that I think has all or most of the songs from Greta's mix on it. We always talked about having a birth mix but never actually made one! Actually, what I really needed was an external cephalic version mix. We had all of these ideas about songs that might encourage the baby to turn, such as "You Turn Me Round" by Dead or Alive.

  3. This photo of Emmett and Kermit brought to my attention the fabulous Kermit-green background of your blog pages.