Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meeting Aunt Susan

My sister Susan was in NC last week so that she could meet baby Emmett. It was so great to have her here. It can be really hard to find a good time for this sort of visit. On my end, the second week of being at home on my own with Emmett worked out really well for a visit. We've gotten to the stage where it's somewhat easier to take Emmett on different types of outings, but I wasn't quite feeling adventurous enough to attempt these outings on my own. With Susan's company, we went places by car, stroller, and Beco carrier. We ate four different meals out in public places (mostly just around the neighborhood, but still!) When my parents were here, it was still challenging for me to even walk two blocks without getting incredibly exhausted. It's good to be so much more recovered.
I've added a couple of Susan's songs to my "sing with Emmett" repertoire, and my kitchen is now much better organized thanks to Susan. It was great to have someone who was always willing to hold Emmett if needed. This is definitely something I've missed about my parents' visit! At this stage, anyone who holds Emmett gets to a frustrating point when he gets hungry and needs to go back to The Restaurant (as we've taken to calling my chest). During those times before the switch-offs occur, those holding him might find him trying to latch on to their shoulders, arms, or other body parts.

Although I missed seeing Max (my nephew) and Mitch (my brother-in-law), it's also a special treat to get a visit from just Susan. I imagine that there are conversations we wouldn't have had if there were more visitors in the mix. I do really look forward to the day when Max and Emmett meet one another, though!

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