Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Discomforts

I've really entered the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy at this point. It could definitely be worse--at least I don't have pregnancy carpal tunnel (knock on wood), and I've managed to avert most leg cramps--but everyday things have started to feel a little weird. It's a reassuring sort of weird: something is in there, and that something definitely feels alive. But I'm certainly not at my most comfortable.

There are two times of day that tend to be particularly ouchy. For some reason, the baby likes doing yoga at around 2, 3, or 4 in the morning. Today it wasn't until 4 a.m. and that was preferable to the 2 a.m. sessions. I have no idea how he has picked up these yoga skills since I've never taken a class (no, not even when I was avoiding real sports during my college P.E. requirements, and not even one of those prenatal yoga classes). Besides pre-sunrise yoga, the other time of discomfort tends to be on my commute to work. It reminds me a little bit about how dogs are in the car--you know, how they want to stick their heads out the window? Each day as I hit the Durham Freeway, it feels as though the little guy is craning his head to try to see what's going on. (Trust me, kid. It's the Durham Freeway. It's not all that exciting. I'll show you later. ) At least when I'm sleeping, I can change positions or rearrange the snoogle and try to get more comfortable. While driving, I'm pretty limited to the current sitting position. I used to think that driving while pregnant was no big deal since you're just sitting there, but now I get it.

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