Monday, March 28, 2011

There's a Song for That

After I dropped Emmett off at daycare today, I spent most of the drive to work thinking about what I wanted him to wear on Wednesday of this week, which is picture day. I feel like the boy should definitely wear something on the nicer end of his clothing spectrum, but I don't feel the need to go too crazy about it. After all, the odds are good that the outfit will have spitup on it before any actual photography takes place. So, I'm driving along thinking of all of this, and suddenly there's a song on the kids' CD I'm listening to called "Picture Day."

The CD, by the way, was by Justin Roberts, one of my new favorite kids' performers. He's going to be doing a concert at the Arts Center in Carrboro in May and I'm very excited about it.

I've started listening to quite a bit of new-to-me children's music recently and it sometimes seems like every conceivable song topic has been covered in some way. For instance, Roger Day has a song about "Brain Freeze." Recess Monkey has a song about losing stuff in "A Black Hole In My Room." Lunch Money has a song about spinning around until you get dizzy. And Jeanie B. even has a song called "Mommy's In Menopause."

I find it a bit frustrating that there are all of these really excellent children's songwriters out there, and yet I could go into a baby store with 3 zillion varieties of pacifiers and not be able to find any music other than stuff like Disney and the Wiggles. What is the deal? The thing about kids' music is that the stuff that is bad is SO BAD that it could make you want to avoid the whole genre, but now I'm finding that there's much more good stuff out there than I ever realized.

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