Thursday, December 16, 2010

Emmett's First Snow Day

Although today was the second time in Emmett's life-so-far that it snowed, it was the first proper Snow Day. Both his daycare and my workplace were closed due to weather today. Adam's large university was still open, but I convinced him to take the day off since it was Emmett's first snow day.

Objectively, there wasn't all that much snow; I sometimes imagine that the decision-makers around here go through a thought process along the lines of "did it snow? Yes? Is there snow on my car? OK, let's shut everything down." But a day off certainly was welcome today. I have been struggling during the workweek with just feeling that there's never enough time, particularly not in the after-work hours. It doesn't help that I tend to go to bed very early (knowing that I'll inevitably be back up, I figure that it's best to go to bed sometime between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m.). So today it was just lovely having enough time to do things. I tried out a recipe I've been meaning to try for weeks now; we finally got our Christmas Pez tree set up; I did some rather neglected housework; and I had time to call one friend and visit another. I'm definitely looking forward to having more time off during our Christmas break.

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