Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Big Announcement

It was actually my husband's idea to make a bento of the Baby, Baby, Pirate pregnancy test from the Simpsons to use when we announced to friends that I'm expecting a baby at the end of July this year. It's quite funny, when I did an image search for the test, I realized that several other people have started their baby blogs with the same
"baby, baby, pirate" joke. I was worried about being unoriginal but figured that doing it in bento would score us some originality points. Interestingly enough, Adam's guy friends didn't actually get it until he explained it to them.

I actually had someone ask if the two baby faces meant that I was having twins, so I feel that it's important to explain that at least one of the babies functions as the
"control line" on a regular pregnancy test, and that the test works kind of like a slot machine. Getting three of the same thing is best, but since pirates are wild, the result means "yes! baby!"

People seem to be delighted for us...and surprised. I think I may have had some people convinced that I didn't necessarily want kids, but some of that has been a bit of a defense mechanism. Let's just say that I was beginning to think that one of my special talents in life was not getting pregnant. I still have moments where I don't entirely believe it, but at least after last week I have pictures to look at (pictures of the baby itself, not just pictures of the positive pregnancy test).

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